I will buy ALL AC/DC & AC/DC Related collectibles from around the world. PLEASE CONTACT ME with your lists of items for sale or trade. I collect all-era AC/DC and AC/DC-related bands (Fraternity, Valentines, Geordie, etc.), primarily vinyl records. Also interested in, but not limited to Sheet music, In-store record displays, stand ups, counter displays, promotional items, tour merchandise, autographs, test pressings, Acetate records, Colored Vinyls, Uncut Picture Discs, CD's, box sets, posters, and anything else to do with AC/DC. Aside from AC/DC I also collect the following metal artists: IRON MAIDEN (Various vinyl, boot vinyl, promo items, crew items, tour books, tour merch, rare items), Mercyful Fate & King Diamond (Vinyl records (mainly bootlegs), boot CD's, tour/crew merchandise, promotional items), and John Arch-era Fates Warning (any live stuff, video, Tshirts, tour merchandise, posters, press, promo photos, etc. etc.)

This is my current up-to-date priority AC/DC want list. Mostly AC/DC, however there are other band-items that are included on the list as well. The older list below it will remain, which are additional items, many which I might have already that I am looking for duplicate copies of. Please send any sale lists, images of items preferred if possible.

I am not a “dealer” I am a private collector searching for items to add to my personal collection and archives. Therefore, I am not interested in paying ‘dealer’ prices for items I am seeking, but rather I am interested in any of these below items for a fair trade/value price, of course depending on the condition and scarcity of the item.

I prefer not to make ‘offers’, please send lists with asking prices.

MY WANTLIST – Updated 2/10/12

Promotional items and tour merchandise/misc merch:

1976 7” Gold Record Award paper presentation invitation
1976 Angus promo schoolboy satchel
1978 Angus tie (promo/giveaway for 'If You Want Blood')
Angus Young ‘Let There Be Rock’ stand up/display
Angus Young ‘Powerage’ stand up/display
Angus Young life-size stand up display –Razors Edge 1990-1
Any other AC/DC Store displays/stand ups (send lists/images)
Fly On The Wall Promo "Looey" Plastic Fly
Fly On The Wall promo can of Fly Spray
Germany Razors Edge razor comes in a clear plastic case to commemorate the album going Double Platinum.
Malcolm Young Money Talks Promo credit card
Money Talks Credit Cards set
Money Talks promo only ‘swag bag’
Record awards/displays (send lists/images)
Rosie inflatable blow up from Black Ice tour
SUL Flashlight
SUL tour periscope
SUL tour Binocculars


Vinyl LP’s:

12 Of The Best 12” LP sleeve
Angus Hangar 2LP (bootleg)
Any TAIWAN, KOREAN OR CHINESE LP’s (send lists/images)
Any U.S. , UK, or Australian LP TEST PRESSINGS (send lists/images)
Any uncut picture discs, any titles or condition. (send lists/images)
BBC ROCK HOUR (Radio show LP)
Electrifying the far east vol 1 LP (bootleg)
Electrifying the far east vol 2 LP (bootleg)
Highway To Hell LP (UK Test press w/pic sleeve)
OFF THE RECORD (Radio show Triple LP) (83-48)
OFF THE RECORD (Radio show Triple LP) (91-06)
OFF THE RECORD (Radio show Triple LP) (91-29)
RETRO ROCK (Radio show double LP) (RR84-7/8)
THE SOURCE (NBC) (Radio show Triple LP)


Vinyl singles:

Any Irish 7" singles, any titles, any condition (send lists/images)
Any other Australian 7” promotional “A Label” singles (send lists/images)
Any South African 7" singles, any titles, any condition (send lists/images)
Can I Sit Next To You Girl/Rockin In The Parlour 7" NEW ZEALAND Single Polydor, 2069 051
Can I Sit Next To You Girl/Rockin In The Parlour 7" PROMOTIONAL single ALBERT AP-10551
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap/ There's Gonna Be Some rockin' 7" NEW ZEALAND Single Music World, MAS 222
For Those about to rock/C.O.D. 12” PROMO single (SPAIN w/pic sleeve)
For Those about to rock/C.O.D. 7” PROMO single (SPAIN w/pic sleeve)
High Voltage/Live Wire UK 7” single w/pic sleeve K 10860
Highway to Hell 7" Z10017 (New Zealand)
It's a long way to the top/Can I Sit Next To You Girl 7" NZP3540 (New Zealand)
Lets get it up 7” single PROMO (Holland, with sticker)
Promo single Dirty deeds done dirt (live) / Dirty deeds done dirt (live) 7" SPAIN(1600) (P/S)
Promo single Heatseeker / Heatseeker 7" SPAIN ( 911) (P/S)
Promo single Rock your heart out / Rock your heart out 7" SPAIN (1406) (P/S)
Promo single That's the way / That's the way 7" SPAIN (934) (P/S)
Rock N Roll Damnation 7" NZ Atlantic/WEA 45 3499 (New Zealand)
Sink the pink / Shake your foundations 7" SPAIN (7895127) (P/S)
T.N.T. 7" New Zealand AP 11070 (New Zealand)
Touch Too Much 7"  Z 10019 (New Zealand)


CD’s and box sets:

Japan only guitar case box set promo w/mini SG guitar, 2 tshirts and Japan OBI mini LP CD’s
Money Made promo only CD w/picture sleeve

Paper Goods/Sheet Music/Magazines/posters/tickets/tourbooks/books,etc.:

1975 Sunbury Festival program
1976 Australian Tour program
1976 UK tour program –Autumn Dirty Deeds tour
1977 UK Tour program- Spring Dirty Deeds tour
1970’s promotional 8x10 photos (send images/lists)
1980’s-present promotional 8x10 photos (send images/lists
Any 1970’s Australian, UK or European handbills, posters, flyers (send lists/images)
Any 1970s Australian promotional posters (send lists/images)
Australian Family Jewels Exhibition Program
Australian magazines: GO-SET, RAM & JUKE 1- with AC/DC Covers 2-with Valentines or Fraternity covers 3-1960’s-1970’s issues with stories and/or advertisements including: AC/DC, Valentines, Fraternity, Stevie Wright, Marcus Hook Roll Band, Buffalo, Buster Brown. (send lists/images).
Authentic autographed items (send images)
Authentic Bon Scott autographs (send images)
Crew dressing room/door/backstage signs (send images/lists)
Crew itinerary books, setlists (send images/lists)
crew shirts (send images/lists/sizes)
Kerrang! UK magazine issue no. 1 (Angus cover)
Let There Be Rock movie ticket stubs
Press kits  (Any)(send images/lists)
Sheet Music: Back In Black
Sheet Music: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Sheet Music: Heatseeker
Sheet Music: Problem Child
Sheet Music: Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution
Sheet Music: Rock and Roll Damnation
Sheet Music: TNT
Sheet Music: Touch Too Much
Sheet Music: You ShooK Me All Night Long
Ticket stub- Gaumont UK Jan 27 1980

Other artists items wanted:


Crew shirts (send images/lists/sizes)
Eddie Head CD Box set
Various bootleg LP’s (send images/lists)


Arch/Matheos: tour merchandise, advertisements, promo posters.
Awaken The Guardian tour merchandise: T-Shirts, Posters, promo items, hand bills, passes, tickets, photos, etc. (send lists/images)
Night On Brocken tour merchandise:  T-Shirts, Posters, promo items, hand bills, passes, tickets, photos, etc. (send lists/images)
Spectre Within tour merchandise:  T-Shirts, Posters, promo items, hand bills, passes, tickets, photos, etc. (send lists/images)


Any LP or 7” single or picture disc  or box set live bootleg’s (send lists/images)
Tea 12” red vinyl single (original) full promo w/”tea” bag, and “tea” shirt.



Older list (will keep it here just in case!)

Promotional & Tour Items:



VINYL 7" Singles/45 rpm:

VINYL 12" Singles/maxi's:












 AC/DC "ACDC Wanted" Rarities